Start living intentionally. Make the most of the time you have and shape the legacy you’ll leave behind.

For individuals, households and groups looking to prepare well for end of life, respond to death positively, and create outstanding ceremonies and funerals.

How can we help?

Did you know that 90% of adults have life regrets? Don’t let that be your story, It’s time to live with the end in mind. Prepare well for death and you face life more positively, with hope and a clear sense of what’s important to you. Discover the freedom that comes from living intentionally.

Secure your future

Have you taken the necessary steps to secure your future? Have you established powers of attorney, living wills, wills, letters of wishes, and end-of-life care plans? If not, let Lyfe+ guide you through these essential tasks.

Create your own tribute

Imagine designing your own end-of-life ceremony. Will it be a celebration of life while you’re present or a heartfelt tribute after you’ve passed? If 4 people were to speak about you at the end of your life (one each from your family, work, neighbourhood, and an area of interest) what do you hope they would say about you? Do they truly know your early years, your favourite music? Don’t leave your legacy to chance. Act now to craft a ceremony that echoes a life well-lived and inspires generations to come.

Live intentionally

And have you trimmed down your possessions, giving away something you love, but you may not need? Have you seen the expression in their eyes when that gift is made, and relished the feeling that decision brings? Sometimes this process is called death cleaning, at Lyfe+ we call it ‘living intentionally’.

How does it work?

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3. Invite Jonathan to create your own very personal end of life ceremony and tribute

Your guide

Jonathan Martin

I am now 68 and have a great deal of life experience which involves leading and exploring life rituals from birth to death. I have led celebrations of life for those still alive, and those who have died. As a licensed Before I Go practitioner, I have planned my own end of life. Let me help you with yours.

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