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Jonathan Martin

Jonathan is a faith mentor, coach, and business leader. His life and work are inspired and informed by his faith and the central theme of living life to the full. Whether through life coaching, partnerships with Christian organizations that promote meaningful work and enrich communities, or facilitating a positive approach towards the end of life, his goal is to empower others to become the best they can be.

Questioning life

My adoptive mum Aileen told me I arrived at her and my Dad’s home in a wicker basket. The truth is a little more remarkable.

In 1955, my birth mother, Frances travelled from Charlotte, USA to London, where I was born and subsequently adopted.

No surprise then that I grew up asking questions about life.

Christian commitment

After a disappointing academic career, but some real sporting achievements, I trained for 4 years in accountancy, realising along the way that my passion lay in connecting with people rather than navigating legislative framework.
At university I joined every political society going, and the Christian Union. It was there that a transformative encounter led me to kneel by my bed and wholeheartedly commit my life to Christ, even if I didn’t fully grasp the extent of its meaning at the time.

A rich experience

Uni complete I was appointed deputy manager and a founder member of Daily Bread, co-operative, Northampton, the first venture of its’ kind in England. Over four decades ago, we championed holistic well-being, fair trade, and cooperative ownership, paving the way for a better future. 40 years on I have served as a church leader for almost all of that time, met nearly 65 different nationalities as a port chaplain, brokered partnerships as the inaugural chaplain of Poole Council,

brokered partnerships between the statutory sector, the church, the wider faith network, and the community. Within the tapestry of my experiences, some moments have been undeniably challenging. Bearing the weight of delivering tragic news to families of fallen service personnel or conducting funerals for young children and individuals has tested my resilience. Yet, these deeply emotional journeys have brought profound growth and humility.

My mission

Using my gifts

As I approach the final chapter of my earthly journey, I am filled with a profound sense of joy. However, my desire to make a meaningful impact remains unwavering.
The best helping people love each other, and discover their potential, as Joel did when he went on to write poetry, or Deborah as she discovered her vocation as a minister. I am committed to utilizing my gifts to empower every individual I meet and to elevate the organizations I encounter.
Are you ready to embrace your fullest potential? Reach out to me today and explore how my unique skill set can enhance your life and that of any organisation you are connected with.

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